Backyard Upgrades that Can Increase Home Value

These past years a lot of talks has been made about ways of increasing home value. We have started to put in practice the wise saying: “When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade.”

Having an old fashioned house in a mediocre neighborhood may have posed an issue for home sellers back in the day, but now with DIY tutorials and affordable shops, we have the opportunity to renovate our homes for significantly lower prices.

Here 5 backyard upgrades that can increase home value:

1. Gate and Fence

The value of a home is also determined by the security and privacy it provides. Investing in a fence and gate in your backyard increases your safety and also your home’s market value. When you decide to add fencing and gates, go for the most impressionable ones.

Choose a type of fence that will definitely leave a long-lasting impression and make the whole process more interesting. If the house is close to the neighbors, try to negotiate and get your neighbor on the renovation project too. This way the investment has a bigger return since you’ll only be spending half the money.

2. Window Replacement

Modern home buyers get goosebumps when they hear the words “energy efficient”. We should embrace that windows have a significant role in determining the value of our homes. Having vinyl frame, triple paned, stylishly painted windows with authentic outdoor shutters leaves potential buyers in awe. If you add a good realtor in the mix, investing in replacement windows will become the biggest investment return of them all.

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3. Love Your Deck

Nobody denies that deck renovation can be a costly project but keep in mind that a recent calculation done by realtors, shows that deck renovation is an investment return of almost 83%. This is because it adds square footage to the home and provides owners with an outdoor living space.

Some investors decide to also build additional outdoor kitchens since people love cooking food in nature. Review your budget and decide on the way you are going to make your deck shine again.

4. Garden Rebirth

People love flowers, trees and wonderfully organized gardens. Spicing up the garden with window boxes, trees, benches and decorations is the biggest investment return since it will cost more physical effort than it will cost money.

Plus homebuyers love open garden spaces and are willing to spend more on homes with jaw-dropping greenery. Remember to keep the garden simple and pleasing for the eye. Buyers usually don’t want gardens that require a lot of work in the future.

5. Light Up

Apart from adding warmth and comfort in the dark hours, backyard lightning also adds security. It is known that exterior lightning draws away burglars and intruders from homes. To avoid the impact these lights will have on your electricity bills, go for LED or solar lightning. You can also accessorize and make your lightning authentic by adding a fire pit or grapevine balls in your backyard.

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